Meaning of “Pigna”.

 Fruit of pine, has always and in different civilizations has contained within itself the symbolic meanings of life force, immortality, divinity, linked to the tree that generates it together with those of fertility and regenerative strength for the seeds it contains. he believes it is useful to give pine cones to be hung over the front door as a wish of health and good fortune to the families who live there. But we also find the Pigna on balconies and entrance gates of ancient villas and noble gardens, monumental cemeteries, facades of churches and convents, to popularize the thrones of kings and popes as the materialization of the soul, the bridge that connects the land to the divine. These meanings materialize in the hands of skilled ceramic artisans who make small and large pine cones. Starting from the lathe the ceramist forges the base cap and the support foot that will be joined after a first drying. Then, with great skill and meticulousness, the craftsman shapes the bracts of the pine cone one by one, using only the fingers of the hands. There is no more harmonious and fascinating final result, enhanced by the enamel firing with classic colors like white, ivory, ramina green, but also the magnetic enamel bordeaux, turquoise and cobalt blue. Today the pine cones, used as wedding favors, wedding present, furnishing accessories for interiors and exteriors or as a lamp base accompanied by an appropriate lampshade, remain an exclusive way to express a deep wish for well-being.